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TV show elicits community effort

Contestants taking part in a reality TV show were put through their paces in the Waitaki Valley last week.The New Zealand series of Adventure All Stars – produced by Charity TV Global – is being filmed around the North and South Islands.Filming of the fifth episode brought contestants to Christchurch, Geraldine, Roxburgh, Queenstown and the Waitaki Valley, where they took part in one of Halo Training’s “escape and evasion” exercises…. Read More

Community / military skill transferred to trainees

Tony Groves is taking lessons learned in high-pressure combat environments in battlefields of the Middle East and using them to create professional development courses in the Waitaki Valley.
After an 18-year career in the military, Mr Groves, with his partner Maria Topia, set up Halo Training in the Waitaki Valley in 2015.
Their business runs courses across the South Island… Read More

Being prepared for any situation

Being prepared for any situation can only be a positive thing.

At any one time there are a number of threats to a community and understanding the components of threat will better the likelihood of a proactive response and a potentially better outcome.

A recent survey revealed that one such threat people feel underprepared for is terrorism. Terrorism can be defined as the ‘unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims’.

Read More on page 9 of Canterbury Eye on Community magazine


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