Our full spectrum methodology is centered around self, team and organisational leadership.  Each course is designed from the ground up based on your requirements.  

The Crucible

The Crucible is a learning journey where participants will redefine their self-concept, develop a ‘leader identity’, enhance their interpersonal skills, and increase situational awareness.

It will provide educational and inspirational experiences that cause participants to think of themselves as a leader and prepare them for the responsibility of leading people.

Participants will learn:

Full Spectrum Leadership – Level 1 + The Human Skills – The Basics + Developing a Safety Mindset + The Decision Making Process + Dynamic Communication + Mission Focused Performance + The Information Hierarchy

Course duration: 4 Days Residential
Course location:  North Otago + Canterbury

Frontline Leadership

This leadership program is ideal for emerging leaders, frontline leaders and mid level management. Frontline leadership delves into the complexity of leading people under pressure in dynamic situations. An insightful and challenging learning journey that will positively change the way you view problems,team work, safety and leadership. Participants will learn:

Full Spectrum Leadership – Level 2 + Team Dynamics + The Tactical Decision Making Process + Situational Safety + The Human Skills + Mission Planning and Coordination + Resource Allocation + Formal, Informal and Tactical Communication

Course duration: 4 Days Residential
Course location: North Otago + Canterbury

The G2

The G2 program is ideal for mid to senior level management and is perfect for anyone who deals with large volumes of data, in high-pressure, time-sensitive environments. Gain new experiences and approach complex problems from different perspectives.

Participants will learn:

Full Spectrum Leadership – Level 3
Managing Large Amounts of Data, Under Pressure and in time-sensitive Environments
The Bigger Picture
Thinking about Thinking
Navigating Crisis

Course duration: 4 Days Residential
Course location: South Island

Escape and Evasion

An exciting hands on learning journey with a team-centric focus.  Guided by former military leaders your team will work together to accomplish a common goal in a challenging and fast paced environment.


Today's world demands strong leadership. Make the call.