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Why Us?

Our experience was forged on the battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts. We have led people through the most adverse and uncertain environments that could be asked of any team, or any leader, war. 
Our intelligence and special forces backgrounds give us the unique ability to apply real-life technical and situational responses to corporate and business environments. Responses that deal with real pressure and real consequences.
We focus on the human side of leadership, empowering people, teams and organisations to thrive in times of adversity.


"Wow, what an experience! What a complete new way of showing leadership and training. I would recommend this to others that are in leadership positions. HALO's training style is something that you have to come and experience. The lessons that I have learned will help me in my role every day, especially in planning and communication. Thank you very much, awesome!"

Dave   Ingenium

"This was the most challenging and fulfilling course I have ever been on. There was never a boring moment. It was great to be challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone. The best course I have ever done and well delivered by awesome trainers. Would recommend this to all. I have done a few other leadership courses but nothing even comes close to this. Thanks a lot guys!"

Harry   Ingenium

“From start to finish we were always in suspense, thinking what the hell are they going to get us to do next! We were always on alert! The way they run this course is exciting, challenging, fun and very rewarding. Throughout the course we heard some very interesting stories. For me the reality of the stories and then being put in similar situations was something that I will never forget".

Aaron  – Ingenium

“This HALO course was an excellent combination of theatrical and practical leadership challenges that pushed us all as individuals into situations that were outside of our comfort zone. This led to a lot of personal growth as a leader and as a team. The delivery was well constructed and carefully planned. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to transition from a reactive management style to a proactive and well planned management style. Thoroughly beneficial for people in all management positions".

Mike  – Ingenium

"The concept of mental toughness was something that resonated with me personally. It is not what everyone thinks it is. It's not about not having those feelings, not crying or having a tough image. It is much much more then that."

Patricia – The Crucible

“The Ingenium course was a fantastic few days for our team. The theme used and the practical aspects meant the skills taught really got cemented and I will definately be putting them into action back at work. The HALO team were really engaging and kept us on our toes the whole time! "

Amy – Ingenium

"HALO Training's unique delivery method combined with both active activities and classroom lessons ensured that we were always engaged. The lessons I learnt proved valuable in our line of work and I can't wait to use them."

Nick  Ingenium

"After completing this course, I don't think that I could attend another where I would learn more. I learnt a lot of personal skills and developed so much. Highly recommended to anyone in a leadership role."

Rodney Ingenium

"I discovered more about myself in one day, than I have on year long programs. Very Impressive, massive personal and professional experience."

Paul   The G2

"This course was overall by far the best one I have attended regarding leadership training. It made me look deep at myself and how I have and currently perform, and it identified the areas that I need to improve and focus on, asap. The feedback during the course from the instructors was motivating and gave me the tools to step up and push on. I recommend this course to anyone that wants to take themselves extremely out of their comfort zone and identify strengths and improvements in themselves. Thank you for the opportunity to attend".

 Daniel  – Ingenium

"I have attended several leadership programs over the years and while I have gained various skills throughout this time the difference I found with the Halo training is that it has a more profound effect once the training concluded. I continue to reflect on the challenging scenarios and the lessons I learned about myself. My team has a much better understanding of why our company values and behaviours are so important and how these directly align with the companies and, our own success. The training is challenging, thought provoking, good fun and most importantly – the lessons have stuck".

Adrian   Ingenium

"A Leadership Program that will positively push most peoples thought processes and way of thinking far beyond the average course. The trainers are experts in their field, highly engaging, professional and innovative. This program is ideal for teams, c-suite, senior managers and teams of people that need to hone their communication skills".

Tracy  – The G2 

"The team at HALO Training did a fantastic job of taking a mixed group of leaders and developing them into cohesive teams, giving us useful tools to enable us to better communicate and lead our teams on our work site. The training enforced the key values of our company and showed us why they play a vital part in our industry. Cannot thank you enough.”

Aaron – Ingenium

"I learnt to look inside myself and see my values. It increased my confidence and gave me the tools to continue to improve myself and the relationships with those around me."

The Crucible


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