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Halo Training Programs

The Crucible

This truly unique program is designed to help prepare senior team members and aspiring leaders for additional responsibility.

Frontline Leadership

This is our baseline leadership program, ideal for on-the- ground people leaders and mid level management.


This takes Frontline Leadership to the next level and is designed to enable participants to coordinate complex tasks that involve multiple teams in multiple locations.

The G2

The G2 program is ideal for mid to senior level management and is perfect for anyone who deals with large volumes of data, in high-pressure, time-sensitive environments.

Risk Perception

Our program is centered around the commonly overlooked, yet crucially important ‘mind-space’ aspect of risk management. Essential first aid skills included. This is Health and Safety, but not as you know it.  

Threat Awareness

Take a proactive approach and increase your sensitivity to threats before they occur. Develop a baseline awareness into recognising some of the human behaviors that often proceed an act of violence.

Evolution Strategy

This is a process that aligns training, education, and experience to prepare people, teams, and leaders for the challenges and complexity of today’s work environment.

Corporate Team Building Events

An exciting hands on learning journey with a team-centric focus.  Guided by former military leaders your team will work together to accomplish a common goal in a challenging and fast paced environment.

Lessons from the Front Workshop

Imagine what it would be like to lead a team through the most adverse of conditions – war. How do you influence people to move forward into battle when their natural instinct is to turn and run?

About Halo Training

HALO is a group of creators with backgrounds in the intelligence and special operations communities. Our trainers have led teams in the most challenging, adverse and complex environments that could be asked of anyone, in conflict. We take lessons learned from our battle field and show you how to apply them to yours.

Our mission is to inspire a new era of forward-thinking, innovative and agile leaders who are equipped for the challenges of today’s world and the willingness to take on those of tomorrow.


"Wow, what an experience! What a complete new way of showing leadership and training. I would recommend this to others that are in leadership positions. HALO's training style is something that you have to come and experience. The lessons that I have learned will help me in my role every day, especially in planning and communication. Thank you very much, awesome!"

Dave – Senior Mechanic Frontline Leadership

"This was the most challenging and fulfilling course I have ever been on. There was never a boring moment. It was great to be challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone. The best course I have ever done and well delivered by awesome trainers. Would recommend this to all. I have done a few other leadership courses but nothing even comes close to this. Thanks a lot guys!"

Harry – Senior Mechanic Frontline Leadership

“From start to finish we were always in suspense, thinking what the hell are they going to get us to do next! We were always on alert! The way they run this course is exciting, challenging, fun and very rewarding. Throughout the course we heard some very interesting stories. For me the reality of the stories and then being put in similar situations was something that I will never forget".

Aaron – Senior Earth Works Foreman – Frontline Leadership

“I took a lot away from the course. Our team gelled massively over the four days and I could hear from every single person that they each took something different away".

Joe – Construction Engineer – Frontline Leadership

“This HALO course was an excellent combination of theatrical and practical leadership challenges that pushed us all as individuals into situations that were outside of our comfort zone. This led to a lot of personal growth as a leader and as a team. The delivery was well constructed and carefully planned. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to transition from a reactive management style to a proactive and well planned management style. Thoroughly beneficial for people in all management positions".

Mike – Construction Engineer – Frontline Leadership

“I liked the different background and how it is relevant to our industry. I came out with how I can always up my own skills and to always try to do better than my best".

Performance Workshop Participant – Christchurch

“The Frontline Leadership course was a fantastic few days for our team. The theme used and the practical aspects meant the skills taught really got cemented and I will definately be putting them into action back at work. The HALO team were really engaging and kept us on our toes the whole time! "

Amy- Admin and HR Coordinator – Frontline Leadership

“Once on the course levels of anxiety went up a lot but we were soon given the tools to deal with it. This made the rest of the course seem easier to complete but still had challenges and pressure applied in different ways. Overall this is a course that I would recommend to anyone in a leadership position as it gives you the tools to deal with your day to day tasks no matter what your job entails".

Scott – Operational Team Leader – Frontline Leadership

“An excellent leadership course. Super engaging and fun. Provides great tools for correct decision making under pressure, awesome experience".

Daniel – Foreman – Frontline Leadership

“Better than any course I have done before".

Brent – Foreman – Frontline Leadership

“The Frontline Leadership course applies pressure in different situations, then gives you the tools required to deal with these situations in such a way that these tools can immediately be transferred to any day in the workplace".

Ryan – Foreman – Frontline Leadership

“Over the last three days I took part in a HALO Training course. I was pushed well outside my comfort zone and had one or two difficult conversations but was never degraded or picked on and it was always explained why. A top course. Keep up the good work!"

Regan – Senior Foreman – Frontline Leadership

“A great learning experience to see how you as a person reacts under different types of stress and pressure. You get a really great understanding of what you can really take".

Kane – Quarry Foreman – Frontline Leadership

“HALO Training is definatley not 'one more training course on leadership'. It is an experience itself that you can't learn from any books or classroom. It has brought confidence to our team and plenty of lessons learnt for us as individuals".

Patricia – Project Engineer – Frontline Leadership

"HALO Training's unique delivery method combined with both active activities and classroom lessons ensured that we were always engaged. The lessons I learnt proved valuable in our line of work and I can't wait to use them."

NickConstruction Engineer Frontline Leadership

"After completing this course, I don't think that I could attend another where I would learn more. I learnt a lot of personal skills and developed so much. Highly recommended to anyone in a leadership role."

Rodney – Engineer Frontline Leadership

"I discovered more about myself in one day, than I have on year long programs. Very Impressive, massive personal and professional experience."

Paul – Teacher/Counsellor The G2

"This course was overall by far the best one I have attended regarding leadership training. It made me look deep at myself and how I have and currently perform, and it identified the areas that I need to improve and focus on, asap. The feedback during the course from the instructors was motivating and gave me the tools to step up and push on. I recommend this course to anyone that wants to take themselves extremely out of their comfort zone and identify strengths and improvements in themselves. Thank you for the opportunity to attend".

 Daniel – Training Adviser – Frontline Leadership

"Hi my name is David Johansen and I am the Grey Valley and West Coast Scout Leader. Tony came and did some basic navigation and leadership with a combined group of scouts we were taking and wow, with his knowledge and ability to communicate and interact with the scouts and parents alike, he had them all wanting to learn more making it a pleasant and exciting learning event. Everyone is so looking forward to him coming again to increase their navigational skills further. Highly recommended to anyone".

 David – Grey Valley Scouts – Map Reading

"I have attended several leadership programs over the years and while I have gained various skills throughout this time the difference I found with the Halo training is that it has a more profound effect once the training concluded. I continue to reflect on the challenging scenarios and the lessons I learned about myself. My team has a much better understanding of why our company values and behaviours are so important and how these directly align with the companies and, our own success. The training is challenging, thought provoking, good fun and most importantly – the lessons have stuck".

Adrian – Mine Maintenance Superintendent Frontline Leadership

"A Leadership Program that will positively push most peoples thought processes and way of thinking far beyond the average course. The trainers are experts in their field, highly engaging, professional and innovative. This program is ideal for teams, c-suite, senior managers and teams of people that need to hone their communication skills".

Tracy – TMK Consulting – The G2 

"Tony really made us aware of different scenarios and different ways of looking at situations. My team really enjoyed hearing his feedback about our salon. Tony's life experiences really connected with us and our industry. I was really impressed with his preparedness and the fact that he had researched our brand and catered to us. I look forward to working with HALO into the future"

Casey – Owner of Rodney Wayne The Palms – Performance workshop

"In the 3 days I learnt a lot from the HALO team in their military experiences and how leadership between industries is very relatable. The situations we were put in were a fair bit out of my usual work comfort zone, but looking back a lot of fun and plenty to take away. I enjoyed talking to the HALO team and hearing their experiences which prove the importance of high performing teams. Great location, especially to have a chance for our maintenance team there together".

Kieran – Fleet Maintainance Supervisor – Frontline Leadership

"Just had a weekend with Tony on the adventure nav course and could not recommend him enough ! So much learned from such an experienced guy . Thanks HALO you guys rock !"

Chris Brand – Invercargill – The Navigator

The things I learnt personally were our company values and behaviours and where they fit in, communication and team work and how things can go horribly wrong if the procedures were not followed. I found that working together as a group made making decisions easier. I have been on quite a few leadership courses over my career and this course is by far the best for what I got out of it.

Tony – Reliability Engineer – Frontline Leadership Course

"It was fun to have someone different from outside of the industry. His stories had me engaged, I really enjoyed it, and would love for him to come back! I learnt to not take complaining clients as confrontational but to listen and think before I say anything".

Performance Workshop Participant – Christchurch

"A great course that pushed us outside our comfort zone."

Chris – Production Supervisor Frontline Leadership

"I really enjoyed it. It was interesting learning about the similarities with what he did to our industry. I learnt that if you have a difficult client, just take 10 seconds to think before you say anything".

Performance Workshop Participant – Christchurch

"Frontline Leadership makes you put into action the lessons delivered during the course. The delivery keeps you thinking over and practicing the skills throughout the entire course. This HALO course is exciting, tiring, fun and informative. Looking forward to coming back for a refresher next year!"

Alistair – Purchasing Officer – Frontline Leadership

"I thought Tony was confident, calm and really well prepared. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It would be great to learn more, it was so relevant to what we do in the salon. I'm going to try using OODALOOP when it's needed and always make sure that there's a welcoming smile on my face!"

Hairdresser – Christchurch – Performance Workshop

"The team at HALO Training did a fantastic job of taking a mixed group of leaders and developing them into cohesive teams, giving us useful tools to enable us to better communicate and lead our teams on our work site. The training enforced the key values of our company and showed us why they play a vital part in our industry. Cannot thank you enough.”

Aaron – Senior Mechanic – Frontline Leadership

"Tony managed to keep us all engaged in what he was talking about and we could relate it to every day in the salon. I took from it how much a client sees in just a short visit. Imagine how much a client who's in the salon for a colour service sees and observes!”

Human Skills Workshop Participant – Christchurch

"I attended this course with no info given as to what was involved. I was reserved at the start, but opened up quickly. I really enjoyed all aspects, both theory and practical. I have learnt a lot and also reflected on myself. This course will cater to all types of people as long as they are open to learning.”

Craig – Senior Mechanic Frontline Leadership

"What I really appreciated was that Tony didn't rush the training, he made sure that I understood each topic before we moved on to the next. The course was everything that I expected and more."

Richard – Westport Map Reading Course

"This was a great, well planned and delivered course with a fantastic location! I learnt some very valuable lessons about teamwork and communication. The guys running the course are very knowledgeable, experienced and enjoy what they do ".

Marcus – Maintenance Planner – Frontline Leadership

"It was a great weekend,fun and educational and now feeling much better prepared for Spring Challenge".

Melissa – Queenstown – The Navigator

"A very good course that takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to learn and develop in new ways.".

David – Supervisor – Frontline Leadership

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone in a leadership role. The way the course teaches you leadership skills is like no other that I have attended. It teaches you a lot of lessons about yourself and how you handle leadership".

Jarrett – Supervisor – Frontline Leadership


Today's world demands strong leadership. Make the call.