Our Programs

Monthly Leadership Workshops

Developing yourself as a leader is a life-long pursuit. It can’t be perfected during a one day workshop or an online course. It takes time, consistent effort and regular practise. That’s why we provide monthly leadership workshops, where you can build on your leadership skills overtime. Each month we cover different topics such as:

Mental Toughness + Resilience + Maintaining Composure + Dealing with Failure + Communication + Decision Making under Pressure + Leading Others + Leading Self + Difficult Conversations + Feedback + Mentorship + Wellness + Much More. Our workshops are conducted both online and face to face. Get in touch for more info.

Bespoke Leadership Events

This is where anything goes! Helicopters, parachuting, jet boating – we can make it happen. From multi day High County Military Missions to Urban Intelligence Gathering Operations we can tailor an event that your clients or teams will never forget. Our Bespoke Leadership Events can be conducted New Zealand wide and are suitable for all fitness levels.For some inspiration, check out the event we put together for Dean Hall and his team at RocketWerkz here.