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The Crucible

The Crucible – Leading Self
The success of a business is directly linked to its people. Their health and well-being, how engaged and motivated they are, and the impact they make.  
This program focuses on whole-person growth and will enable your people to be more resilient, prepared, and capable of bouncing back from obstacles, set-backs, failure, and adversity. They will learn how to build a positive environment in which people, teams, and the organization can flourish.


Ingenium – Leading Teams
The difference between a good organisation and a successful one is how well their teams respond to adversity. This course is centered on whole-team growth and is designed to develop your team into a responsive multi-disciplinary unit. 
Your team will learn how to respond to environmental changes faster and in a more flexible manner. They will become capable of leading change, supporting others and making informed decisions to support organisational goals.  

The G2

The G2 – Lead Leaders
The G2 takes an incredibly unique approach to the human dimension of senior and strategic leadership, taking growth well beyond skills acquisition alone.  This program delves deep into the art and science of decision-making and the subsequent consequences at a personal, operational and organisational level. 
This program will improve your mental fortitude, enabling you to be more prepared and capable of dealing with the consequences of high-stakes decision making under pressure.


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